San Juan Mobile Estates Offers Families More Affordable Housing Alternatives

San Juan Capistrono, Ca — San Juan Mobile Home Estates is a Millennium Housing community in San Juan Capistrano, California. This 38-acre community is open to all ages and provides affordable housing alternatives in a very expensive housing market. With only 8 homes per acre, the community has a low-density, uncrowded feel. Amenities include nearly 10,000 square feet of clubhouse space including a library, game room, fitness center and more.

The community was purchased in June of 2006 with the help of the City of San Juan Capistrano and The Authority’s issuance of over $30 million in tax-exempt bonds. One million dollars of the proceeds was set aside to help fund future capital improvements, repairs and maintenance.

Thanks to its nonprofit operation and low-cost, long-term financing, residents are assured of quality, affordable housing for decades to come.

For more information contact The Authority at (877) 906-0941.

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