About Us

school kids about usThe Independent Cities Finance Authority is an unaffiliated Joint Powers Authority (JPA) with the ability to help cities achieve their goals.

Since its inception in 1988, ICFA has assisted in funding over $500 million in critical community projects, from hospitals, to charter schools, municipal utilities to housing for low and moderate-income families and seniors.

ICFA is well positioned outside of laborious bureaucracies. Our bonds are issued quickly, often providing essential financing for projects that would falter without it.

ICFA helps cities to achieve their finance requirements efficiently:

  • ICFA has no set application schedule. We process requests for financing as the need develops.
  • ICFA in not bound by the process of public polling, as special districts are.
  • Our projects are swiftly approved by a seven-member board of city elected officials.
  • With ICFA, there are no long waiting periods. Through our extensive network of personal relationships, applications move forward without delay.
  • ICFA is proud to say that member cities pay no enrollment fees to join, or ongoing dues to participate in, our programs. All underwriting and operational costs are borne by the beneficiaries of the funds.

For more information, download our Brochure here.