The Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) Program

ICFA is proud to announce that its tradition of aiding communities will continue with participation in the State of California Solar Initiative’s Multi-Family Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) Program. The MASH program will provide incentives to install solar panels in mobile home parks, pushing energy efficiency into a cornerstone of the affordable housing marketing in California. The installation of solar panels will reduce operating costs and provide shaded areas for parking and common area facilities, while helping the State of California achieve its carbon footprint reduction goals.

In exchange for energy efficiency improvements in mobile home parks, the owner/operator will increase or maintain 20% affordable housing requirements in those parks. ICFA will serve as the regulatory authority for projects funded through the MASH program by becoming a counterparty to the deed restrictions containing the occupancy and affordability covenants.

“ICFA is always seeking out ways to preserve and enhance California’s dwindling affordable housing stock. The MASH program creates an opportunity to push technologies that are normally only reserved for higher-end homeowners into the affordable housing multifamily market,” said Mike McCormick, president of the Independent Cities Finance Authority. “We are proud to be a finance partner in this effort and push for innovative solutions in the affordable housing market.”

Program Benefits Include:

  • Improve the quality of affordable housing
  • Decrease energy use and costs
  • Encourage the use of high-performance solar systems that are better for the environment
  • Stimulates the adoption of solar power in the affordable housing sector
  • Increase awareness and appreciation of the benefits of solar power
  • Maximize the overall benefit to ratepayers
  • Provide job training and employment opportunities in the solar energy

For more information about the MASH Program, please contact ICFA Executive Director, Debbie Smith at (877) 906-0941.

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