ICFA Board Votes to Increase Support of Local Organizations

At the ICFA board meeting on July 31, 2013, the board of directors voted to extend the Community Outreach Program and increase the amount donated to local charitable organizations.


Jim and mike

ICFA Pres. McCormick donates $5,000 to Board Member Morton’s Lynwood Disaster Relief Fund.

ICFA’s Community Outreach Program was first approved by the board in June of 2012. Originally, the program allowed eligible board members to make an annual allocation of $5,000 to the charity of their choice. This year, the board voted to continue the program and to increase the allocation amount to $7,500.


Since the start of the program, donations have been made the Southeast Women’s Organization, St. John the Baptist School, the Lynwood Disaster Relief Fund, the South Gate Junior Athletic Association, and Boy Scout Crew 419.


“ICFA recognizes that investing in our communities will produce long-term benefits including civic pride,” said Debbie Smith, Executive Director of ICFA. “When people love where they live, a climate develops that attracts businesses as well as capital investment.”


For more information on the Community Outreach Program, please contact ICFA.

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