Gil Hurtado – Board of Director’s Feature

We are pleased to announce that Gil Hurtado is the newly appointed Vice President for Independent Cities Finance Authority, replacing Mario Gomez from the City of Huntington Park. Hurtado has been serving for ICFA since 2005.

“Independent Cities Finance Authority’s interest in creating affordable housing is something that really encouraged me to join in,” commented Gil Hurtado. “In a community such as South Gate, affordable housing is something that is very important and partnering with ICFA gives me the opportunity to provide this to South Gate residents.”

Gil Hurtado is a councilmember for the City of South Gate, where he has served since 2005. In addition, Hurtado also represents the City on the Executive Board of the Gateway Cities Council of Governments and is Chairman of the I-710 Project Committee.

In addition to his numerous public service contributions, Hurtado has been working effortlessly to address health and obesity issues. He is a strong advocate for healthy diet and exercise and has personally participated in the last 9 L.A. Marathons. He has served as the President of the South Gate Junior Athletic Association, a volunteer sports association, for over 20 years.

Please join us as we welcome Mr. Hurtado in his new role!

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