Gil Hurtado City of South Gate

Gil Hurtado

City of South Gate

First elected in 2005. Councilmember Hurtado served the South Gate community in various capacities, including 12 years as Councilmember/Mayor, 5 years as Planning Commissioner, President/Board-Member Independent Cities Finance Authority, President/Board-Member Gateway Cities Council of Governments, and Co-Chair I-710 Project Committee.

For his leadership, Councilmember Hurtado has received numerous Certificates of Recognition from Local, Country, State, and Federal Officials. Councilmember Hurtado was engaged in keeping South Gate from bankruptcy during the recession, helped bring in the two major shopping centers, helped establish the Neighborhood Watch Programs, helped bring improvements to South Gate parks, brought to Tweedy Mile the Tree-Lights that brighten up the City’s business district at night, and many other accomplishments.