ICFA Announces New Board Member Hernandez

HernandezICFA is overseen by elected city officials who share an interest in cost-effectively financing projects that make a difference in our communities. In continuing our mission, ICFA is pleased to announce the appointment of its newest board member, Edwin Hernandez.

Mr. Hernandez serves on the City Council in the City of Lynwood. Prior to serving on City Council, Hernandez was elected as the Lynwood City Treasurer in 2011. He brought more than 25 years of financial expertise, including his experience as the Vice President Branch Manager at Banco Popular, where he was responsible for working with public and corporate pension funds. He also served as the Treasurer for the Lions Club, Sheriff’s Advisory Council, Rotary Club, Greater Chamber of Commerce, and the Sheriff Clergy Council.

Edwin joins the six other board members who make up the ICFA board. We are pleased to have him on the team and we look forward to working with him at future meetings.

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