Municipal Street Lighting Program

before after MSLP

In partnership with experienced energy solutions providers, ICFA has created the Municipal Street Lighting Program to help cities save money by taking control of their utilities. By purchasing their streetlights, cities are free to install highly efficient LED lights. Costs per kilowatt hour are reduced, maintenance fees go down, and nighttime visibility is markedly improved.

With ICFA bond financing and the available warranties on new lights, the Municipal Street Lighting Program offers cities a way to improve how their utilities are run without adding a penny to their budget.

Program Features

  • No out-of-pocket expense
  • Ten-year guarantee on new lights
  • Increased eligibility for federal rebates
  • Better nighttime visibility for residents
  • Dramatic long-term savings

For more information, download our Municipal Street Lighting Program brochure here.

ICFA, in partnership with Climatec and Southern California Edison, sponsored a webinar on this program in September of 2013. Interested parties can watch the presentation in full by clicking here.


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