City of Baldwin Park

Ricardo Pacheco
14403 East Pacific Avenue
Baldwin Park, Ca 91706
(626) 960-4011

Baldwin Park dates back 142 years to 1860 when it was a part of the cattle grazing land belonging to the San Gabriel Mission; later, Baldwin Park was part of Rancho Azusa de Dalton and the Rancho La Puente.

A threat to the small community loomed in 1906 when “Lucky” Baldwin proposed to establish a town, “Baldwinville” nearby. To prevent this, Vineland residents invited the octogenarian Baldwin to a conference at Shultis’ grocery store. While entering the store, Baldwin slipped and would have fallen had Shultis’ wife not caught him, As the story goes, Baldwin, grateful to the lady, agreed to a change in plan, and Vineland became Baldwin Park.

Baldwin Park was incorporated in 1956, becoming the forty-seventh General Law City in the state of California. Today, the city has changed from the small farming community in the late 1800’s to one of over 70,000 population.