Down Payment Assistance Program Webinar

 One June 25, 2013, ICFA was proud to sponsor a free webinar exploring down payment assistance options available to cities in California.

If you missed the presentation, you can view it here:

This half-hour webinar is geared toward city officials seeking to expand the options available to their residents.*

Our presenter for this webinar will be Marc Paskulihsg-paskulinn,  a senior vice president with George K. Baum & Company and a member of George K. Baum & Company’s Housing Finance Group. His primary responsibilities include developing new structured financings for state and local housing finance issuers and working within the Housing Finance Group to develop new financing and program ideas. In addition to his role as lead or co-analyst for 15 state housing agencies, he was instrumental in working with issuers, investment bankers and legal counsels to develop criteria for housing bond refundings and asset-backed securitization throughout the nation. Mr. Paskulin holds a master’s degree in economics from Fordham University and a BA in history from McGill University.


*Please note this webinar is not intended for individual home buyers seeking assistance with down payments. Individual home buyers are encouraged to contact their city officials to find out what programs are available to them.