5 Reasons to Use a JPA to Fund Your Next Project

The world is changing; cities are lighting their streets with LED lights, parents are forming custom charter schools to meet the needs of their communities, hospitals are navigating a tidal shift in policies, and California is struggling to house more people than any other state in the union, with the number expected to reach 50 million by mid century.

collage 1Fortunately, financing is changing too. Joint Powers Authorities (JPAs), like the Independent Cities Finance Authority (ICFA), are creating partnerships with local governments to fund projects quickly, spurring affordable housing, improving community infrastructure, creating jobs (both temporary and long-term), and supporting development.

As your city looks to the future, consider the follow five reasons to use ICFA (California’s premier JPA) as a funding resource.

1) Staffing
Since the dissolution of redevelopment, most California cities have fewer staff to process financings. ICFA can offer cities a total financing package, including an experienced team, to process all the necessary details of a Bond Issue. With the ICFA team on your side, city staff can maintain their focus on critical day-to-day operations, with the knowledge that experienced professionals are lining up important bond financing for upcoming projects.

2) Efficiency
Quick and efficient financing of projects is imperative to keeping economies growing, but each financing is unique, and can quickly consume city resources. Often, the process gets bogged down, delaying development. Thankfully, the experienced team at ICFA can help your staff tackle complex financing projects in a timely manner, with minimal impact on internal human resources.

3) Accountability and Transparency
ICFA operates independently of any organization or municipality, maintaining accountability for all projects. Transparency is critical, not only for improved communications, but also for community support. Our meetings are always open to the public, and our records are posted online. City officials, partners, and citizens are always welcome to review the work we do.

4) Responsive
The ICFA board meets to review potential financings whenever the need arises, so our partners do not have to wait for designated funding periods to begin their projects. Our team is lean, and quick to respond, because the projects we facilitate are important.

5) Experienced
ICFA has been funding community projects for over twenty-five years. Our board is comprised of elected officials from cities in California who understand the needs of our communities and are dedicated to funding projects to fill those needs.

Whether your organization is planning an infrastructure upgrade, or is hoping to increase the educational options for the kids in your community, consider using a JPA like ICFA to process the bond financing. We are here to help your project get funded and move forward.

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